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Your organisation's knowledge: crowdsourced by us, leveraged by you.

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Who is this for?

Do you work on your organisation's* Big Strategic Problem?
Do you design and run workshops, perhaps a strategic process?
Do you value every minute of your participants' time?

Are you facing an escalating Knowledge Management Crisis in your work?
Are you drowning in stickynotes** and delivering reports far slower than you'd like?
Are you missing out on repeat business and/or not getting other signs your process is valued?

* or your clients'

** yes, including virtual ones

How do we help? is our collective intelligence platform

for crowdsourcing knowledge about your organisation and the context it operates in.

On the platform we help you capture, refine, and leverage the knowledge in your organisation.

Fully pre-planned workshops, or completely ad-hoc, or combination - it's up to you. We have template Knowledge Flows™ to give you ideas and get you started too.

It can be used to deliver multi-participant workshops in person and online, or in solo mode for ongoing work within a process, e.g. innovation funnel, strategy pre-work.

Why we're different

A Knowledge-first approach

We help curate knowledge sets, where small (data) is beautiful, refinements are great, and bigger is not automatically better.

Academically Sound

Being based in Cambridge (UK) has its perks. We're delighted to have an academic advisor from the Institute for Manufacting (aka 'IfM', part of Engineering Dept at Cambridge University).


Nolojy's founder spent 20 years in the semiconductor industry was struck by how companies describe themselves as knowledge-based, but did so little to leverage the knowledge they already had. Coded up and even deployed a precursor system at ARM 2012-2016.